DVD The Pink Floyd en Syd Barrett Story

Pink Floyd - Pink Floyd and the Syd Barret Story

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  • Roger Waters on Syd Barrett
    Extended interview of Roger Waters talking about Syd Barrett, which includes Syd’s musical influences, his illness, the last time he saw Syd.
    Running time approx 10 minutes
  • Dave Gilmour on Wish You Were Here
    Extended interview of Dave Gilmour talking about how Wish You Were Here was written.
    Running time approx 4 minutes
  • Robyn seo tips Hitchcock performing Dominoes
    Singer/ songwriter of 60’s influenced guitar pop group Soft Boys Dominoes is from Syd Barretts solo album Barrett released in November 1970
    Running time approx 3 refused credit minutes
  • Robyn Hitchcock performing It Is Obvious
    It Is Obvious is from Syd Barretts solo album Barrett released in November 1970
    Running time approx 3 minutes
  • Graham Coxon performing Love You
    Love You is from Syd Barretts solo album The Madcap Laughs released in January 1970
    Running time approx 3 minutes
  • Biography
    Detailed biography of Syd Barrett


One of the most famous creators and characters of the psychedelic era, Syd Barrett has not conducted an interview or released music since the early seventies yet his self-imposed anonymity still fascinates fans old and new. The original songwriter for Pink Floyd was only with the band for a vibrant 3 years when he left in 1968, yet when the band released their greatest hits album in 2001 Syd had written over a fifth of the tracks. This year it is 35 years since Syd Barrett left the band yet mystery still surrounds this prodigy of rock.

The Pink Floyd and Syd Barrett Story retells the fascinating story of the start of one of the largest and most influential bands in rock and the drug induced breakdown of their original song writer and lead man. Direct Video Distribution UK is delighted to announce the 24th March 2003 VHS and DVD release of this personal and candid profile of the once effervescent musician and now cult figure of Syd Barrett. Roger Waters, Dave Gilmour, Nick Mason and Rick Wright retell how Syd’s slip from reality haunted the band for many years and this is clearly demonstrated in the tracks Shine On You Crazy Diamond and Wish You Were Here. There are also insights from former girlfriends, landlords, flatmates, producers, managers, friends and famous fans. Also featuring rare early footage of the band performing; including a live show at the UFO Club, and an appearance with former landlord Mick Leonard on Tomorrows World.

The main DVD is the Omnibus programme. This fascinating documentary traces the creative and personal tumult of Barrett's days with Pink Floyd, and the fallout from his psychedelics induced breakdown.
The extras are of unseen footage and the sound quality of the york hotels DVD is outstanding in Dolby Digital 5.1 and DTS surround sound.

Born search engine optimization companies Roger Keith Barrett in 1946 in Cambridge, Syd Barrett obtained his nickname from regulars at a local jazz club who when finding out his surname, christened him after as old drummer from the area. Aged 17 he moved down to London to attend the Camberwell Art School. In London he met up with old friend Roger Waters, who he had an understanding with since they were young that they would start a band together. Syd consequently joined up with the people Roger was playing with.

Syd student loan calculator quickly became the main songwriter, and named the band after two Georgia blues men Pink Anderson and Floyd Council. Their experiments with feedback and electronic sound quickly made them the hippest band among London’s early psychedelic set. Whilst Pink Floyd were experimenting with sound and light they also started experimenting in the other side of London’s psychedelic set - drugs. Some thought that with the aid of drugs Syd was more liberated and had the freedom to write memorable songs. Nevertheless his grasp on reality was slipping away. He didn’t turn up for interviews and started to refuse to perform though he’d quite happily practise. His behaviour became so erratic that an American tour had to be cut short.

The book hotels band was in a dilemma; Syd was becoming a liability yet he still wrote the majority of their songs. Their solution in January 1968 was to excuse him from performing to concentrate on song writing. Dave Gilmour was asked to join the band to cover for Syd. Two of the songs that he wrote Vegetable Man and Scream The Last Scream were not released by EMI but their apparent autobiographical style was not lost on many. Pink Floyd admit that their style back in the late sixties was if there was a problem they would ignore it, then one day it came to a point where they did ignore the problem by not picking Syd up.

Syd seo company went on to release two solo albums The Madcap Laughs and Barrett in 1970. After the poor reception of the second album Syd retreated to his mothers house in Cambridge. Back at home he joined up with some Cambridge musicians and formed The Stars. But Syds involvement was like his attention span short. During the following years Syd moved between London and Cambridge staying on friends’ floors. In the mid 70s he even turned up at the studios where Pink Floyd were recording Shine On You Crazy Diamond the song written about Syd. With his shaved head (hair and eyebrows) and weighing about 17-18 stone none of the band recognised him.

In 1978 he tired of London and walked back to Cambridge, where he now lives, calling himself Roger Barrett having left Syd behind. The Pink Floyd and Syd Barrett Story is a moving portrait of a cult figure.